Corporate coworking: why companies are taking it in-house

Coworking started as a social movement but now it is going in-house as corporations seek to create a coworking-like approach in their workplaces. Gabor Nagy of Haworth explains why this is happening

Six ways to cut ties with structured work

People want more flexibility at work, but how can we cut the ties to that bind us to traditional work structures in the office?

water cooler

Workplace refresh: five reasons to bring back the water cooler

We all remember that ‘water cooler’ moment – now there are good reasons to revive the hydration station in the office

Alternative workplace strategies

Alternative workplace strategies: now it’s all about the people

As workplace priorities change, so does organisational strategy. A new report by Haworth, Advanced Workplace Associates, and Global Workplace Analytics reflects on how alternative workplace strategies have evolved over the past decade

behavioural economics calls for a workplace nudge

The Nudge: behavioural economics and the healthier workplace

A new book co-authored by Haworth’s global research lead argues that better workplace wellbeing will result from changing leadership cultures in companies, not from adding yet more wellness programmes

How creativity feeds into the innovation process

What is the difference between creativity and innovation? Haworth looks at the complex process of creativity to help organisations innovate successfully

Destination Asia: how developers can seize the power of change

From his vantage point in Shanghai, Haworth VP Frank Rexach looks at the opportunities for change in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific, especially for developers

Feelgood factor: how workplace design supports wellbeing

Employee productivity has become a limiting concept: using workplace design to promote a more holistic approach to the whole person is fast coming into view