Alternative workplace strategies

Alternative workplace strategies: now it’s all about the people

As workplace priorities change, so does organisational strategy. A new report by Haworth, Advanced Workplace Associates, and Global Workplace Analytics reflects on how alternative workplace strategies have evolved over the past decade

How creativity feeds into the innovation process

What is the difference between creativity and innovation? Haworth looks at the complex process of creativity to help organisations innovate successfully

A new generation of space in higher education

There is a growing convergence between the modern corporate workplace and learning environments

Harnessing the potential of co-working

Co-working has great potential to fundamentally change knowledge work and catalyse innovation in the future

Enabling the organic workspace

Emerging technologies that focus on people, not just space, can help companies adapt to changing employee needs

Active ergonomics for the emerging workplace

The world of work is changing - presenting an opportunity for office ergonomics to evolve as well