Four top tips to reduce sedentary behaviour in the workplace

A new report looks at the key actions organisations can take to help reduce sedentary behaviour in the workplace. Davina Deniszcyc of Nuffield Health explains

Despite new ways of working promoting fluidity and movement throughout the workplace, a large proportion of the workplace still remain fixed to their desk for at least eight hours every day. This lack of physical activity can have a significant impact on cognitive performance and physical health of employees.

Speaking at WORKTECH’s specialist WELLNESS 18 conference in June, Dr Davina Deniszczyc of Nuffield Health outlined findings from a report commissioned by Sport England, A Healthier Workplace. In this interview, Deniszczyc highlights four key tips to help organisations reduce sedentary behaviour in their workforce.

To view the full interview with Dr Davina Deniszczyc, please go to the Innovation Zone.
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