What do millennials really want?

Is the global perception of millennials’ sense of entitlement fair? Condeco challenges this view and looks at how organisations can play to millennial strengths

Forget everything you know about traditional employment benefits and incentives – millennials think differently. Attracting and retaining the youngest generation of talent will require a new approach to understanding the drivers of job satisfaction, longevity and loyalty.

Learning to grow

Generous salaries and fancy promotions are not the only incentives for millennials to perform at work. Almost 60 per cent claim they are looking for jobs that will allow them to develop their learning and enable them to more successful. They are driven by a strong desire to learn, which sets them apart from other generations in the workforce.

All things don’t come to those who wait

Millennials are widely perceived as entitled and this makes companies more reluctant to provide the right training and development opportunities until they have proven themselves. Instead organisations should take advantage of the skills they have just invested in and give the individual tools to develop their skills and mould them into becoming successful employees for them.

Assessment and feedback

In a bid to develop and make a difference in an organisation, there is a need for performance-related feedback to help support further development and success. These do not need to be annual, negative meetings but instead just quic, frequent updates and feedback to let the employee know what can be worked on and what they are doing well. This can create job satisfaction through mentoring and guidance.

Success through small steps

Opportunity and a sense of achievement don’t necessarily mean regular promotions and more elaborate job titles for young, rising workers. Millennials can achieve progression by learning new skills, project leadership, by meeting goals and objectives, and by helping to shape the future of the business.

It is a sense of purpose and achievement that will attract and retain the best young talent in the future. Organisations need to create a concrete foundation dedicated to enabling their employees and looking at what progression means from their perspective.

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