Mind the gap: supporting the boundary-less knowledge worker

The development of a distributed workforce, which goes beyond the bounds of place and time zones, can meet the gaps in knowledge, skills and talent faced by today’s employers

Organisations are following talent. Wherever the right people are, as long as they can offer the appropriate skills and experience, businesses are willing to recruit and set up the employee to work remotely. Employers are no longer restricted by geography, and remote working is seen as an everyday occurrence.

But at the same time, many senior leaders within organisations remain focused on co-location and presenteeism. They want to see people working in front of them, not correspond over email or Skype to someone in the next city or the other side of the globe. While the business world is slowly moving from a focus on input (how many hours you spend at your desk) to output (the result of that work), many of these senior leaders are stuck on the input measurement.

This White Paper from Area Sq and 360 Workplace argues that geography no longer matters to organisations and looks at ways businesses can create a sense of culture, collaboration and communication across different time zones. It explores the role of the physical workplace in this new way of operating and predicts how further technological development will intensify this trend.

To read the full White Paper, click here

Leeson Medhurst is Head of Workplace Consultancy for 360 Workplace, part of Fourfront Group.   We create exceptional working environments built on innovation, inspiring design, excellence in delivery and great relationships.
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