Why restoring social capital is rising up the business agenda

Social capital – the glue that bind us together in the workplace – suffered during the pandemic. Now companies are keen to build it back up. Can technology help the process?

The city snaps back: what we learnt from Chicago conference

As our cities and workplaces attempt to bounce back from the pandemic, this Academy briefing looks at the lessons from the WORKTECH Chicago conference as cities begin a process of reinvention

Calling companies to take part in tracking research study

Do you want an insight into the hybrid future of work and a comparison of how your organisation compares to others? Canadian analytics company Collabogence is looking for firms to participate in a novel data survey

Will hybrid work model settle on 4:1 in favour of the office?

Pressures are building that could drive people to spend more time in the office, as companies search for higher levels of collaborative performance and data presents a clearer picture of future work, says Peter Smit

Urban vitality: the open spirit that drives economic growth

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at new research which seeks to explain why some cities have more urban vitality than others – it’s all about the interplay between entrepreneurs and their environment

Excuse me, can I interrupt you and boost your wellbeing?

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at why interruptions at work can be beneficial, how the whitest paint can cool buildings, and which firms topped Fortune magazine’s list of best places to work

Design in the age of crisis: creative ideas take flight

Architects and designers have responded to an open call from the London Design Biennale and Chatham House to generate radical ideas that will reshape our working world

Manhattan transfer: High Line concept set for London

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing presents a new project to bring New York’s High Line concept to a section of disused railway north of King’s Cross, a panel discussion on hybrid working models and a new virtual event on workplace innovation