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What 2020 taught us about the role of tech in interiors

Office technology wasn’t idle while we’ve been away. On our return, it will need to work harder to create more experiential places for people

Innovation Day 2020: new scenarios for augmenting work

More than 50 workplace professionals around the world participated in WORKTECH Academy’s Innovation Day 2020 on the theme of how augmented technologies will impact the future of work

Smart office: exploring workplace apps and visitor management

As hopes rise for a proper return to the office, our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing introduces the WORKTECH Guides to Workplace Apps and Visitor Management, providing a range of solutions for a better work experience

Only connect: the evolution of the networked office

As organisations future-gaze to the next era of the workplace, this first instalment of three in a series on the networked office looks at the evolution of workplace design and how a holistic approach can build future resilience

Video-first learning: a long-overdue revolution in education?

Much like the workplace, the education system has been thrust into a remote learning experiment of unprecedented scale and scope. As schools and universities look to re-imagine the learning experience, video technology could be a lifeline for the future of education.

Smart utilisation: your guide to the latest occupancy data

As the pandemic puts the focus on the need to keep employers safe, our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing introduces the WORKTECH Guide to Utilisation Technologies and describes a stunning innovation to tackle vehicle pollution

Up, up, and away: expanding global connectivity

The pandemic has highlighted how vital internet access can be, but global coverage is still limited. Tech firms are developing innovative design solutions to expand access

Smart working: can building intelligence offer a route out of crisis?

As companies struggle with a welter of post-pandemic priorities, data-driven smart buildings can provide a platform for the future of work, according to a new report from Schneider Electric and UnWork