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Workplace revolution: the increased demand for employee amenities

It is not just the millennials driving change: the rest of the workforce have come to expect more flexible, adaptable working environments with better amenities, according to an Aramark white paper

Food for thought: can organisations boost productivity through food subsidies?

How far do free food programs (FFP) go to increase productivity and engagement in the workplace? And at what point do the benefits outweigh the initial costs? Aramark looks at when a free food program is the right move for an organisation

On the move: the smooth transition to outsourcing

From saving costs to investing more in your core business, outsourcing can produce mutually beneficial results for all parties. The challenge is how the partnership is managed. This Aramark white paper looks at how to manage the transition to outsourcing

The next privacy bump: should employers study your DNA to support wellness?

As workplace health and wellbeing rises fast up the business agenda, WORKTECH’s Wellness 2017 conference at Credit Suisse in London asked uncomfortable questions about our performance economy

Café society: making space for the millennials

Coffee shops are increasingly seen as an ideal ‘third space’ for working – and they’re starting to charge for space and not just coffee

Good vibrations: meet the vibe manager

If you want your people to have a better time at work, then the job of the vibe manager is to set a positive culture