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Unworking conference highlights six considerations for the future workplace

Unfolding over two days, the Unworking conference returned to London for a second year to look at the latest innovations across two themes: smart technology and workplace experience

Impact of obesity on workplace productivity leads to call for change

Our work and food systems are creating a generation of overweight workers with damaging implications for UK health and productivity, according to a new report

Unworking conference looks at how to elevate employee experience

Improving staff wellbeing starts with creating a brain-friendly environment, says Sean Tolram of HSBC, one of a number of expert speakers at WORKTECH’s Unworking conference in London

Talent magnet: Basel conference builds case for better office buildings

Switzerland already leads the world in attracting the best talent. But despite this accolade, its workplace community is not resting on its laurels, as WORKTECH Basel 2024 demonstrated

Change playbook: discover 20 different ways to transform your office

A major push globally to redesign office space for the new workplace era is leading to some smart and innovative design interventions, says a new report from technology company MRI

Indoor air quality: experts call for standards to be enforced

Top scientists have published a research paper that proposes mandatory standards to control key indoor pollutants in public buildings and better systems for clean air

Why company leaders should embrace the AI powered workplace

Employees rather than organisations have led on the use of AI in the workplace up until now. A new report from Mirvac says it’s time for company managers to create momentum

Workplace webinar: how companies are transforming their offices

A new report from MRI Software, which explores innovative ways to adapt your workspace in the new landscape of work, will be discussed in an upcoming webinar