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Award-winning workplace interiors suggest new directions

What are the new design contours of the post-pandemic office? The best British workplace environments in the 2021 DesignWeek Awards are a good place to look


Coworking closures: new hope for flexible space market after cull

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at a new report which explains how new coworking business models are emerging after large operators lost a fifth of all Northern American locations

The great relearning: how corporates are bridging the gap

Learning and innovation were among the biggest workplace casualties during the pandemic, according to a new report. How can organisations rethink these activities in an increasingly complex workplace dynamic?

Why the life science real estate sector is primed to expand

Unlike traditional real estate areas such as retail and offices, the buoyant life science sector is well set to withstand the economic ravages of the pandemic, according to a major new report from Perkins & Will

China’s O-tower sends message about the future of R&D space

China’s big push to create sustainable offices post Covid-19 is reflected in a new headquarters building for smartphone maker OPPO in Hangzhou that combines brand values with ecological design

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Future legal workplace: designing for resilience on a global scale

At a time of dynamic change for the legal workplace, the intersection of space, technology and culture is creating opportunities for redesign. New research highlights key areas of change for law firms across three super regions

Welcome to the future: Milan’s milestone office development

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at the ground-breaking for a new European office project that strikes all the right notes in terms of light, air, community, nature, timber – and zero carbon

The roaring twenties: can tech innovations lead a global revival?

As struggling economies around the world adjust to a different model, investors are backing new technology not just to improve performance but to create a more equitable workplace