Why wellbeing is not just a buzzword

Wellbeing is a word that is well established in workplace vocabulary, but few organisations really know what it means in relation to its workforce. Jon Odey sheds some light on the subject

Making light work of constant distractions in open plan space

Having trouble getting ‘into flow’ in the office environment? A new traffic light system promising to cut down interruptions has reopened a familiar debate about the trials of working in open plan

Now you see it: the tech tools building belief in workplace design

The second in a series of posts from architects BVN on the digital revolution suggests that while the workplace has been slow to the digital party, new visualisation tools for designers will encourage creativity

Elevate the spirit: Felderman and Keatinge’s approach to design

Ever since their pioneering MTV Networks project more than 20 years ago, workplace designers Stanley Felderman and Nancy Keatinge have been in the vanguard of new ideas

Productivity in the office: why acoustics matter

People respond to design in different ways - here we look at how acoustics affect individuals and their productivity levels in the workplace

Confidence builds confidence

A client's experience of a radically different workplace. With thanks to BVN client Herbert Smith Freehills

Our workplace represents how we connect as an organisation

David Wilkie, partner in law firm Allen & Overy, discusses the importance of the workplace design to company behaviour