The emerging senior job titles set to shape a new landscape of work

A range of new job titles are storming up the corporate ladder, helping companies integrate the latest technologies and employee expectations

The workplace has shifted significantly over the last few years, with major transformations in technology, ways of working and employee expectations. Keeping abreast of these changes is not an easy task, but for many companies the ability to attract top talent depends on the adoption of new ideas. Into the fray comes a series of new senior titles and job roles, designed to support companies navigate the new landscape of work.

Office Experience Architect

As experience takes centre stage in the new role of the office, titles such as ‘workplace design managers’ and ‘office experience architects’ are emerging onto the scene. These roles aim to help companies cope with the rate of change in office design, as well as driving the return to the office.

Part of the role is to communicate and liaise with employees to better understand their expectations of the office, this information is then translated to the C-Suite. The role also involves guiding companies towards new ideas and opportunities, injecting a sense of innovation and novelty into the working environment.

Chief AI Officer

The role Chief AI officer is also emerging in senior leadership teams. As more companies look to adopt artificial intelligence and stay ahead of the curve, there is a growing awareness around best practices and ensuring it is aligned with business objectives.

So how can they ensure that they are aware of the potential dangers of AI whilst also embracing this new development? The Chief AI Officer is the answer, often a highly skilled professional from the field of artificial intelligence with the business acumen required to ensure that it can be leveraged in the right way.

As companies increasingly become more reliant on AI and adoption, there is also a growth in AI governance. New laws in the EU demand transparency and restrict AI usage. Companies also need the knowledge to understand how legislation might develop to future-proof themselves and their investments. Making savvy decisions around technology adoption could propel many organisations ahead of their competitors, and the high-ranking position that CAIO’s are being given reflects this.

An explosion of new roles reflect the scale of change in the workplace sphere. A seriousness around the adoption of new technologies and a deeper focus on workplace experience are positive shifts in workplace thinking, but whether these new job roles are the silver bullet to ‘fixing’ the challenges in the workplace is yet to be seen.

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