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Theatre of Dreams: what the workplace can learn from sports stadia?

From getting to the venue to the experience when you arrive, what can the corporate office learn from a major sporting arena like Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium? Aramark looks at how companies can make their own workplace ‘venue’ more attractive

It is a comparison that is rarely raised, but there is plenty for corporate organisations to learn from the way top sporting attractions around the world engage with their fans, build loyalty and commitment, and provide an exceptional on-site experience.

In this white paper Aramark compares the way committed football fans travel for 90-minute games at Old Trafford – the self-styled ‘Theatre of Dreams’ that is home to Manchester United – with the way workers commute to the office.

Mute the commute

Aramark recognises the commute – a draining and wasteful experience for many employees – as an opportunity for organisations to increase engagement and productivity in the workforce. The report looks at the ability for organisations to provide employees with a transport service to and from the office. This can range from wi-fi-enabled buses, shuttles to transport hubs, valet parking, promoting and incentivising carpooling.

It also recognises that its current solutions to the commute are short-term, as autonomous vehicles and air taxis might eventually take employees to work.

Muting the commute, making it easier to reach the venue and making the journey part of the overall experience are not the only lessons to be learnt from how sports stadia operate. The report also gives advice on how to unlock the workforce potential in the way that top soccer clubs unlock the fan base.

Appeal to local pride

Aramark’s advice is to offer workplace perks worthy bragging about, appeal to local pride and nostalgia, and to use technology to make it easier to be at work in the same way that Old Trafford appeals to deep-rooted community connections in a contemporary way.

Other opportunities identified in the report include creating a more flexible workforce that is ‘on demand’, turning spaces into places, making the workplace more comfortable and create an emotional connection with the workforce to create brand loyalty.

Download the white paper here: Industry Insights – What does the Theatre of Dreams have to do with the future of work?

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