Flexible futures: Munich’s path to a new blend of workspace

Seventy years on from the Bavarian Burolandschaft, WORKTECH Munich is set to explore a new blend of agile workspace that brings people, place and technology into a unified whole

The digital - human blend

Multiple futures: new European report charts complexities of how we’ll work

Don’t expect the future of work to pan out in a uniform or singular way. A new report from Bene in partnership with WORKTECH Academy explores how the mix of the digital and human will make work more unpredictable

Worktech Paris

Mind games: Paris uses psychology to design for a flexible workforce

How does social scientific research feed into the design of workspace? And how does technology play its part? WORKTECH Paris will focus on creating successful flexible working environments through evidence-led design in June

Innovation Day

What will alternative work communities look like in 2030?

As WORKTECH Academy announces the date of its 2018 Innovation Day in London, we look back to the 2017 workshop event – and a deep dive into how alternative work communities might operate in the near future

The new era of smart office

Five key elements that will transform the future smart office

Smart offices can use the potential of digitalisation to address the big challenges in the workplace - but only by changing our interaction with the building first. A new report from Siemens Building Technologies and WORKTECH Academy explains how

new york illustration

Perfect ten as New York prepares to discuss a broader future of work

WORKTECH New York marks its decade-long run in Manhattan with a conference and masterclass exploring work beyond the office walls and how to live and work in a post-capitalist economy

UBS 5 Broadgate

Redefining smart: the transformation to responsive office buildings

From cognitive buildings to smart precincts, this year’s Smart Buildings conference will showcase the latest research, case studies and technologies in smart buildings from around the world

Extroverts fare better than introverts in open plan

Introverts exposed: why outgoing types thrive in open plan

New scientific research supports the idea that extroverts fare much better in exposed work environments than those who crave peace and quiet to get work done