New to the INNOVATION ZONE: Data, bias and emotions: the complex task of changing minds

Pushing past the barrier of 'know it all' workplace deniers. Architects, BVN, explain the challenge of people resisting change and putting beliefs before hard facts.

Changing a stubborn mindset is never an easy task. It can quickly become frustrating when you present an individual with hard facts and you are met with a unwavering beliefs from the opposition.

It is a situation many people have entered into, but what happens when it occurs in the corporate arena? BVN’s Laurie Aznavoorian explains the struggle and complications of of trying to persuade a person who is set on their beliefs- not facts.

There is a fundamental difference between what one believes and what they know. Yet when imperfect reasoning is mixed in, people often cannot tell the difference causing stubborn views.

The phenomenon, coined confirmation bias, refers to people who hang on to persistent beliefs that are not only false but sometimes dangerous.

This danger is only heightened when like-minded people collect together and reinforce each others beliefs, in turn this releases dopamine to the brain which makes us feel happy.

So if we can’t rely on data to convince people, and logic and reason are prone to bias, what can we turn to next?…

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