Psychology of automation: how robots affect our mental wellbeing

As machines begin to take on office tasks previously done by human workers, what do people really think about robots making us redundant? And could this help how workplace change is managed?

One unified service: time for joined-up thinking on workplace

All companies now wrestle with the multi-faceted challenge of how to improve worker performance, so why don’t IT, HR and FM come out of their silos to provide one unified workplace management service?

Wireless wonder: is your workplace ready for Ultra-Wide Band?

The data-shifting and location-tracking potential of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) is set to open a whole new world of technological possibilities for the workplace. But are companies ready to take advantage?

Should we prioritise finding problems over solving them?

Organisations place great store in having a culture of problem-solving, but there are dangers in being so reactive. Getting on the front foot and problem-finding instead could bring business benefits


Competing for innovation: internalising the free market

As inter-company competition grows in western markets, how can internal innovation keep pace? Arraz Makhzani of UnWork looks at the benefits and detriments of fierce competition within an organisation


Maladaptive specialisation: is there a danger in being too specialist?

In an industry where it pays to be specialist in one key area, what are the implications on the wider organisation? Arraz Makhazani of UnWork looks at the limitations of overspecialisation in the workplace


Collaboration conundrum: understanding the changing nature of teams

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Education and its campuses are dramatically changing

How digital learners are reshaping the university campus

A new report that explores how a combination of new technology and the changing demographics of students will reinvent the educational campus of the future