Modern elders: assessing the social impact of older workers

Contrary to the stereotype that having an ageing workforce will simply be a drain on productivity, there is a counter-argument that makes the case for older workers bringing the promise of positive social change


Follow the leader: wellness from the top down

From improving engagement results to achieving better sleep quality, it is up to leaders to show by example how to bring wellbeing into the workplace, according to speakers at WORKTECH's Wellness 2019 event


Time to wake up to the real costs of workers losing sleep

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Maladaptive specialisation: is there a danger in being too specialist?

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Ageing and automation: how will these workplace trends interact?

In which countries are older workers most at risk from workplace automation? New research gives a global insight into which economies are most vulnerable

Designed for Wellness

Designed for wellness: how a wellbeing focus could reshape the workplace

What drives the growing focus on workplace wellbeing? And how might this focus redirect workplace design? An event by Milliken and WORKTECH Academy put the wellness trend to the vote