agile working

Why wellbeing is not just a buzzword

Wellbeing is a word that is well established in workplace vocabulary, but few organisations really know what it means in relation to its workforce. Jon Odey sheds some light on the subject

Condeco workplace productivity

Productivity push: Condeco’s agile response to the Stoddart Review

The Stoddart Review places the workplace at the centre of change to fix the UK’s productivity dip. Condeco’s technology can help organisations to become more agile

Condeco agile workplace analytics

Creating agile organisations: using analytics to predict the future

How can workplace analytics prepare an organisation for the future? This Condeco white paper looks at the process of decision-making and the opportunities for workplace analytics to make a company more agile

Productivity push: mind the gap between landlords and occupiers

Findings from the Stoddart Review suggest that an effective workplace can boost business productivity. Leeson Medhurst from 360 Workplace discusses his initial thoughts about the Review’s findings

Agile working and ergonomics: getting the balance right

New ways of working that unchain employees from sitting at a fixed desk all day require a rethink in the approach to ergonomics