Redesigning the commute: Academy’s Innovation Day 2023

Every year WORKTECH Academy brings its membership network together to share new ideas and scenarios. This year we’re exploring the future of smart commuting

City of London conference frames four key themes for the future

This year’s flagship WORKTECH London event explored how cities can bounce back, where next for  digital transformation, how we can reach net zero buildings and what works in workplace experience

New Tokyo district mixes green space with social connection

The opening of Azabudair Hills in Japan’s capital marks the culmination of a 30-year regeneration project led by developer Mori and featuring public realm design by UK firm Heatherwick Studio

Tokyo event set to explore future from the desk to the city

What will the city look like in five years’ time? How can we work towards a more positive future? These questions are set to be tackled by experts from academia and practice in this year’s WORKTECH Tokyo conference

Is Meta’s lease break a sign of decline in city-centre working?

The future of workplace development in city centres is once again the subject of speculation as a high-profile tech giant surrenders its lease and a new survey shows a shift to commuter towns

Designing healthier cities: congress to explore climate action

How can we balance local urban needs with the wider considerations of the global climate emergency? The Healthy City Design International Congress 2023 will present new directions

Madrid named hottest place to work among major world cities

The Spanish capital takes the top spot with the most extreme urban island heat effect according to a new survey from Arup. Digital modelling is proposing ways to bring city-centre temperatures down

Mayors in five US cities join drive to cool urban districts

As high temperatures create an urban heat island effect in many places this summer, the mayors of five American cities have signed up to an initiative to cool urban spaces by installing ‘smart surfaces’