Sonic branding: the next buzz for workplace experience

The B:Hive in Auckland, New Zealand, rethinks the suburban work campus by putting great sounds as its heart. Laurie Aznavoorian of architects BVN reflects on a coming era of sonic architecture


Corporate coworking: why companies are taking it in-house

Coworking started as a social movement but now it is going in-house as corporations seek to create a coworking-like approach in their workplaces. Gabor Nagy of Haworth explains why this is happening

Agile Working

El trabajo ágil no es una novedad. Grandes empresas ligadas a la tecnología tales como Facebook y Google lo vienen implementando desde hace varios años.

Espacios para los trabajadores del conocimiento

Espacios para los trabajadores del conocimiento

El uso genérico de la expresión 'trabajador del conocimiento' ha resultado el enfoque habitual a la hora de diseñar las oficinas para este grupo de colaboradores.


The power of community: expanding beyond the office walls

How is community-building influencing engagement in the workplace? James Grose and Susanne Mayer of architects BVN discuss their latest projects demonstrating the impact of reaching out to the wider community

kerstin sailer

Sight lines: how seat preference impacts workplace connectivity

Kerstin Sailer, architect and academic at London’s Bartlett School of Architecture, describes new research which links visibility in the workplace with intrinsic human wellbeing

El Mundo Del Trabajo en 2018

Tendencias futuras según los socios globales de WORKTECH Academy

big ideas

Autumn reset: three big ideas organisations are mulling over this fall

Summer’s over and the autumn work grind has clicked back into action. Suddenly everyone is dusting off the big ideas to make working life more bearable