health & wellbeing

Mind games: wellbeing programmes that do little for employees

New research from the University of Oxford indicates that corporate mental health interventions for individuals have little or no effect. Where do employers go next?

Digital directory of products aligned to WELL standard launched

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has introduced a directory to assist users looking for products or solutions that fit with various features in the WELL Building Standard

Real Madrid: el evento español nos adentra en la era de la creatividad

Madrid, centro económico e industrial de España, fue el escenario perfecto para una conferencia que abordó los cambios clave en las prácticas laborales para dar protagonismo a los colaboradores creativos

Real Madrid: Spanish event takes us into the age of creativity

As the economic and industrial centre of Spain, Madrid provided the perfect backdrop for a conference addressing key shifts in workplace practice to bring creative contributors to the fore

Plain talking on the future of work at Copenhagen conference

Talking straight and tackling the big issues head-on, this year’s WORKTECH Copenhagen conference was a convivial exercise in Scandinavian pragmatism

Sex, pubs and chatbots mingle at Manchester conference

Innovation and automation were on the schedule at the recent WORKTECH Manchester event as WORKTECH returns to the city for the first time in ten years

Equality and diversity initiatives failing LGBT+ employees

New research suggests that companies are not working hard enough to make the workplace an accepting and supportive environment for LGBT+ staff

Where is the employee ‘sweet spot’ in creating hybrid work model?

Companies experimenting with hybrid models tend to put productivity above all else. A new study suggests happiness, connection and coordinated hybrid work count just as much