Modern design pioneer MillerKnoll joins Academy inner circle

How will our places and spaces adapt to the dynamics reshaping work today? MillerKnoll has become a Global Partner of WORKTECH Academy to share its wealth of ideas and insights

What are the most impactful spaces for workplace experience?

New research by architectural firm Gensler in the UK explores what spaces really matter for workplace performance and experience -  and where the office fits into a new ecosystem of work

Gallic chic: is this the most beautiful office in the world?

As more companies mandate their people back to the office, a French creative agency shows how to  make a more compelling offer to employees with a stunning restoration of a 19th century ballroom

El espacio multisensorial

Actualmente, con el enorme aumento de la urbanización, nos hemos acostumbrado a vivir en entornos ajetreados y ruidosos, donde pasamos alrededor del 90 per cent de nuestro tiempo en espacios interiores.

The Great Refurb: why office remodelling is on the agenda

As more organisations set about redesigning their workplaces for the hybrid era, what are the key themes that are driving attention and investment?

Water at work: is more blue space the answer to the blues?

We’ve all heard of green space but what about blue space? Research shows that environments with a water feature may be even better for you than traditional plant-based biophilic design

El color, más que una opción estética

Los ojos son los órganos que detectan las ondas de luz y envían las señales al cerebro para ser procesadas como imágenes visuals

Claves para optimizar el comportamiento ambiental de los materiales

Los edificios son responsables del 36 per cent del consumo de la energía, el 38 per cent de las emisiones de carbono y el 50 per cent de la utilización de los recursos en todo el planeta