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Deep-dive on data: ESG strategies for the built environment

A new report takes an in-depth look at how facilities management can lead the way in achieving ESG targets, exploring the role of data collection in the built environment

Existe la neutralidad tecnológica?

Los humanos somos seres tecnológicos. Las distintas innovaciones que se han sucedido a lo largo de la historia han modificado nuestra cultura, nuestras creencias y nuestro estilo de vida.

What’s on the cards for 2023? Top 20 trends explored

A surge in data analytics in a more scientific workplace is just one of 20 key ideas discussed in a new WORKTECH Academy report, The World of Work in 2023

The future visitor experience: making face-to-face count

Unlike many employees, visitors are increasingly eager to return to the workplace for meetings. How can technology help to create a more seamless and memorable experience?

Six things we learnt from the Healthy City Design Congress 2022

Changing patterns of work are set to have a huge impact on making urban life more liveable and more sustainable, as experts at an annual congress on creating the healthy city explained

Measures of wellbeing extend from the office to the metaverse

This WORKTECH Academy Briefing looks at a new peer-reviewed report on the WELL building standard and explores pioneering developments on wellbeing in the metaverse

Why digital transformation is lagging in the built environment

Could cultural barriers be preventing property and construction firms enjoying the benefits of digital transformation? A new report calls for technology innovation leaders to step up to the plate

Justice for sustainable design: how to build smarter workplaces

This Wednesday Briefing looks at the best of sustainable design from a County Attorney’s new smart office building in the US desert to the Royal Institute of British Architects’ Sterling Prize shortlist for 2022