Real Madrid: el evento español nos adentra en la era de la creatividad

Madrid, centro económico e industrial de España, fue el escenario perfecto para una conferencia que abordó los cambios clave en las prácticas laborales para dar protagonismo a los colaboradores creativos

Real Madrid: Spanish event takes us into the age of creativity

As the economic and industrial centre of Spain, Madrid provided the perfect backdrop for a conference addressing key shifts in workplace practice to bring creative contributors to the fore

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Attendees at the first AI safety conference in the UK were surprised by Elon Musk’s announcement that an AI chatbot with a ‘sense of humour’ is in the works

Toronto event tackles the workplace issues that go unnoticed

New and innovative ways of thinking to address key challenges came to the forefront of the straight-talking WORKTECH Toronto conference 2023

Future thinking shapes Seattle conference

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Tall order: the air-cleaning tree that reflects natural systems

Combining beauty and practicality, this sculptural installation to fix indoor air quality asks important questions about the future of environmental technologies

Space and culture come together to drive change in Los Angeles

The complex relationship between space and culture within the workplace was explored in-depth at the 2023 WORKTECH LA conference as experts advanced new concepts on how employees can flourish