Bringing people health and planetary health together in Singapore

The WORKTECH Singapore 2023 conference took an in-depth look at the rich and evolving relationship between environmental health and individual wellbeing

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New York state of mind: experts set to explore big ideas at 2023 conference

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Are workplace superapps the next go-to tool for the workplace?

Workplace superapps are on the rise, but how are they serving the work ecoystem? A combination of complete integration and personalisation will make these tools indispensable, says a new CXApp report

Ready for hybrid? Try the Modern Work Readiness Score

As new ways of working reshape the office landscape, how do companies know if they’re going in the right direction? A new tool by technology firm Crestron aims to provide some guidance

The Unworking Conference: what needs to be relearnt?

WORKTECH's London conference on 'unworking' looked at which workplace traditions should be unravelled and which ideas need relearning