Condeco working from home

Busting the myths of working from home

There are clear reported benefits for working from home, yet employers are reluctant to believe that the office is not the best place for their employees. Condeco unveils the truths behind common misconceptions of working from bed…I mean, home

Condeco coffice

The Coffice: is this the new brew for how we will work?

Amid the unassigned seating and insufficient facilities in the workplace, there is now a shift of people moving to coffee shops for their work haven. Condeco looks at how people will opt to book meetings in the coffee shop environments of the future

Making meetings more efficient: systems that can help

Meetings are an unavoidable part of working life. But how can they be more efficient? What are the key issues of meeting rooms today and what systems can address them? A report by Unwired and Plow Consulting looks at solutions

If you’re talking about digital, it’s already too late…

George Muir is a futurist with IKEA. As he told delegates at WORKTECH London 2016, a fourth industrial revolution is just around the corner…

The Dropbox doctrine: build bridges, not islands

Aditya Agarwal, Chief Technology Officer at Dropbox, shares his thoughts on how enterprise software must work across all platforms and applications – and focus more fully on the workplace to raise productivity