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Why wellbeing is not just a buzzword

Wellbeing is a word that is well established in workplace vocabulary, but few organisations really know what it means in relation to its workforce. Jon Odey sheds some light on the subject

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Coming up: key trends affecting the European market

From automation to changing work styles, Aki Stamatis, chairman of Fourfront Group, looks at the trends he is seeing affecting the European workplace market this year

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On the rise: 10 factors for a productive workplace

This white paper by Area, a company in the Fourfront Group, addresses the continuing search for productivity, and creates an opportunity for organisations to reflect on how they can make changes towards a more productive workforce

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Is the out-of-town corporate campus no longer a safe bet?

For over 50 years the suburban campus has been a popular corporate investment. But are the risks of centralising the organisation now too great as Apple’s new spaceship campus lands in Silicon Valley?

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The business of play: are we infantalising the workforce?

As Silicon Valley’s tech titans open extravagant new corporate headquarters, the issue of turning the workplace into one big creative playpen has sharpened debate on both sides of the argument.

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Banking on change: can tech transform the financial workplace?

Technology is the driver, so why the reluctance to use it? Optimising the property portfolio, focusing on employee experience and working with robots were the key themes of WORKTECH’s Financial Workplace 2017 conference.

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Trading stress for wellness: redesigning the training floor

Trading floors can seriously damage traders’ health. Architects Gensler developed new research in partnership with furniture company Erich Keller to explore ways to mitigate stress on the trading floor to improve wellbeing and decision-making.

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Zaha Hadid: the bigger, brighter floorplates of China’s groundscapers

From creating close proximity to co-workers, visibility across large floor plates and designing office space with the qualities of a city, the atrium is the heart of the building, says Ulrich Bloom of Zaha Hadid Architects.

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Companies versus markets: how will the future workforce evolve?

Why does the firm exist? Eighty years after British economist Ronald Coase first asked the question, the issue is being debated afresh in the tech-led gig economy.

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Striking the wrong note: three ways you are collaborating badly

Endless meetings, brainstorms, time sheets and appraisals are completely redundant if we are not collaborating effectively. Here are three way we often get collaborating wrong.

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