Coworking closures: new hope for flexible space market after cull

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at a new report which explains how new coworking business models are emerging after large operators lost a fifth of all Northern American locations

Remote working: a chance for America’s smaller cities to shine?

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at a US competition to develop a Remote Work Hub, an Australian project for green light rail and the global rebirth of the Slow movement

Getting to grips with the irresistible rise of flexible workspace

As the real estate industry reels from the rapid expansion of the flexible workspace market, what are the factors really driving growth? John Williams of The Instant Group draws on the latest research to explain how consumerisation is changing the game

WORKTECH regresó a Latinoamérica para quedarse

Expandiendo sus horizontes, WORKTECH - la conferencia internacional líder sobre el futuro del trabajo, la tecnología y los espacios de trabajo- desembarcó por primera vez en Perú y en Colombia siendo el tercer año que este foro se lleva a cabo en Latinoamérica y siempre con el soporte de Contract Workplaces.

Cara y ceca de la gamificación

Con el desarrollo de la tecnología y la llegada de las nuevas generaciones al mundo del trabajo muchas cosas cambiaron en las empresas.

The guild of the 21st Century has arrived

Is the co-working movement the high-tech remake of the medieval craft guild?

From professional clusters to shared ideas and attitudes, does the new generation of coworking spaces remind you of something?

Hong Kong makes some changes

Peak progress for Hong Kong as workplace transformations gather pace

One of the world’s most dynamic cities has not turned heads in the past with its workplace design. WORKTECH Hong Kong 2017 gave four reasons why all that may be about to change