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City slickers head to New York financial workplace conference 2024

With smart technology, people-centred spaces and the future of talent all on the agenda, WORKTECH’s Financial Workplace 2024 conference is set to track the latest trends

The Japanese workplace faces the future with Tokyo event

From making cities more magnetic for collaboration to using the inspiration of sci-fi film to envisage the impact of technologies on the future, the WORKTECH Tokyo 2023 conference tracked the latest trends

Ascending with AI: how to leverage this technology in 2024

In 2023 we saw significant developments in AI, but can we move into the new year with a better sense of how we can activate artificial intelligence tools in the workplace to benefit everyone?

The changing real estate landscape for technology firms

The trajectory has shifted for tech companies who expanded rapidly amid the pandemic but are now re-sizing and reconsidering their real estate options, according to new report by JLL  

Powering up: battery innovation offers new lease of life to EVs

The purchasing appeal of electric vehicles could be transformed by a new battery innovation, leaving us asking: how could this transform the commute in 2024?

Shifting boundaries: the next frontier for office security

How offices are being utilised has shifted, but for many companies their access security has stayed the same. A new report from Brivo examines how to respond to security threats that have changed

Real Madrid: el evento español nos adentra en la era de la creatividad

Madrid, centro económico e industrial de España, fue el escenario perfecto para una conferencia que abordó los cambios clave en las prácticas laborales para dar protagonismo a los colaboradores creativos

Real Madrid: Spanish event takes us into the age of creativity

As the economic and industrial centre of Spain, Madrid provided the perfect backdrop for a conference addressing key shifts in workplace practice to bring creative contributors to the fore