Hybrid Working

Why flexible curation of space holds key to hybrid workplace

The results of a pilot study by Australian developer Mirvac to rethink office space has revealed that giving people the tools to adapt their own environment is key to improving group productivity

Amsterdam event adopts a transdisciplinary perspective

Smart buildings and design innovation are on agenda for the WORKTECH Amsterdam 2023 conference, which will see trend setters and experienced researchers share their ideas

New Zealand event looks at resilience and relieving stress

This year’s WORKTECH Auckland conference will map put the central challenges of the modern workplace and explore solutions for people, place and technology

Productive and successful: four-day working week scores highly

The world’s largest pilot for the four-day working week has been declared a success, with companies showing no drop in productivity during the switch to a 20 per cent decrease in working hours

Digital integration for hybrid: what type of company are you?

A new report from Brivo presents a framework with four typologies which show companies at different stages on the journey to supporting hybrid work adoption with system integration

Sydney conference shapes up to explore Australia’s future workplace

WORKTECH Sydney 2023 is set for a deep dive into what makes a human-centric workplace, analysing how we create connection, manage hybrid working and adopt new models of leadership

New US reports reveal impact of remote work on office real estate

The American office sector faces a major challenge to reimagine its future in the face of hybrid work patterns according to data-led studies by the US Census Bureau and Cushman & Wakefield

Taming hybrid: Melbourne conference set to probe at human scale

In addressing some of the knottiest problems of the new workplace, speakers at this year’s WORKTECH Melbourne event will showcase ideas for a compassionate, resilient and fun workplace