organisational design

Puzzle of Wellbeing: putting the post Covid-19 pieces together

Workplace wellbeing is clearly understood at the personal employee level, but less so when it comes to translating policies into company performance. A new report from 360 Workplace sets out to crack the code

Ageing and automation: how will these workplace trends interact?

In which countries are older workers most at risk from workplace automation? New research gives a global insight into which economies are most vulnerable

WORKTECH’18 Santiago reúne a expertos para discutir el futuro del trabajo

Más de 300 personas se dieron cita en el auditorio SOFOFA de Santiago de Chile para atender a las tendencias sobre el futuro del trabajo y todo lo que deben saber las empresas para mantenerse actualizadas en estos temas.

El Mundo Del Trabajo en 2018

Tendencias futuras según los socios globales de WORKTECH Academy

El espacio como generador de identidad y cultura

El espacio de trabajo representa la materialización de los valores de la empresa.

Sedentary behaviour

Four top tips to reduce sedentary behaviour in the workplace

A new report looks at the key actions organisations can take to help reduce sedentary behaviour in the workplace. Davina Deniszcyc of Nuffield Health explains

food and productivity

Productivity on a plate: can food play a part in raising workplace performance?

How can food transform the workplace experience? And what tangible metrics can organisations draw from implementing outstanding food services? A new whitepaper from Aramark looks at potential productivity savings

big ideas

Autumn reset: three big ideas organisations are mulling over this fall

Summer’s over and the autumn work grind has clicked back into action. Suddenly everyone is dusting off the big ideas to make working life more bearable