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Data dilemma: will algorithmic systems erode good work?

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at the downside of data-driven systems for worker wellbeing and autonomy, the rise of the AI-powered office window, and the chance to attend a design thinking masterclass

AI as decision maker as lawyers face fast-changing world

Our regular WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing examines the potential impact of technological change on the legal profession over the next ten years as The Law Society forecasts a disturbing future

Making hybrid happen: decision time for companies

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks for guidance on hybrid working models from the tech giants and the big banks – only to find mixed messages. When will the picture become clearer?

House of pain: who will foot the bill for empty offices?

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at an Economist report which predicts nervous days ahead for office landlords as a reckoning draws near on the cost of falling occupancy rates

Puzzle of Wellbeing: putting the post Covid-19 pieces together

Workplace wellbeing is clearly understood at the personal employee level, but less so when it comes to translating policies into company performance. A new report from 360 Workplace sets out to crack the code

Ageing and automation: how will these workplace trends interact?

In which countries are older workers most at risk from workplace automation? New research gives a global insight into which economies are most vulnerable

WORKTECH’18 Santiago reúne a expertos para discutir el futuro del trabajo

Más de 300 personas se dieron cita en el auditorio SOFOFA de Santiago de Chile para atender a las tendencias sobre el futuro del trabajo y todo lo que deben saber las empresas para mantenerse actualizadas en estos temas.

El Mundo Del Trabajo en 2018

Tendencias futuras según los socios globales de WORKTECH Academy