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Liquid assets: smart systems for simpler and more agile work

The new WORKTECH Guide to Resource Management lifts the lid on the room and space booking technologies that are set to shape the new world as the office assumes a new purpose

Can smart transform the post Covid-19 office experience?

Smart technologies capable of making the office a safe and dynamic part of the new ecosystem of work are coming much closer to reality than we think

Smart working: can building intelligence offer a route out of crisis?

As companies struggle with a welter of post-pandemic priorities, data-driven smart buildings can provide a platform for the future of work, according to a new report from Schneider Electric and UnWork

Healthy buildings: how can we achieve better results?

While the impetus for creating healthy buildings seems greater than ever, there are some historic barriers to progress.  In the final instalment of a series of articles, Paul Wells sets out a roadmap for change

Back to basics: digital buildings shift focus to the fundamentals

As the action in commercial real estate pivots abruptly from office intensification and productivity to space, sanitation and clean air, new building technologies will be at the heart of the shift

Constructing healthy buildings: what is holding us back?

The drive to use smart building technology to create healthy office buildings has been given added impetus in the age of Covid-19.  In the second of a series of articles, Paul Wells examines the barriers to sustainable progress

Why we need to focus on healthy buildings right now

The current pandemic presents an opportunity to use smart building technology to address welfare for people and planetary health. In the first of a series of articles, Paul Wells sets out the business case for healthy buildings

How digital tools help office building owners to ensure continuity

In the pandemic crisis, facility teams are facing reduced access, lower occupancy and shrinking budgets. Can a digitised building infrastructure help meet the challenges?