food & drink

A new business model for food consumption

As consumer behaviour changes, how can food services adapt to make sure the workforce has safe access to food? Aramark has made several innovations to its business to remain a frontrunner in the industry


Great places to work: how America is primed in the race for talent

Creating the right employee experiences to stay head of the competition depends on designing with key principles in mind, according to a new report from Aramark with WORKTECH Academy

Sonic branding: the next buzz for workplace experience

The B:Hive in Auckland, New Zealand, rethinks the suburban work campus by putting great sounds as its heart. Laurie Aznavoorian of architects BVN reflects on a coming era of sonic architecture

food and productivity

Productivity on a plate: can food play a part in raising workplace performance?

How can food transform the workplace experience? And what tangible metrics can organisations draw from implementing outstanding food services? A new whitepaper from Aramark looks at potential productivity savings


New York narrative: the next industrial revolution really is here

Tough and sceptical, the latest edition of WORKTECH New York put the hottest new ideas to about data-driven workspace, amenity-led venues, voice technology, contingent workers and more to the test

Condeco coffice

The Coffice: is this the new brew for how we will work?

Amid the unassigned seating and insufficient facilities in the workplace, there is now a shift of people moving to coffee shops for their work haven. Condeco looks at how people will opt to book meetings in the coffee shop environments of the future

Small, neat and nimble: why one solution does not fit all

Company culture can directly affect the type and variety of food being served at small work sites. How do organisations know what is the right package for them?

War for talent: why there’s no such thing as a free lunch

How far are companies willing to go to attract and retain the best people? As the war for talent intensifies, what will we see next? Aramark looks at the implications of Free Food Programs (FFPs) and offering additional employee services to stay relevant