Will landmark legal case tilt balance toward a return to the office?

A British employment tribunal has ruled that there are ‘weaknesses with remote working ’ – but that doesn’t necessarily mean full-time office working is back on the horizon

Flight to character: a fightback begins against homogenous global offices

Tired of working in an anonymous corporate tower?  A new movement is underway to give offices more character and purpose through storytelling and adaptive reuse of historic structures

Impact of obesity on workplace productivity leads to call for change

Our work and food systems are creating a generation of overweight workers with damaging implications for UK health and productivity, according to a new report

Unworking conference looks at how to elevate employee experience

Improving staff wellbeing starts with creating a brain-friendly environment, says Sean Tolram of HSBC, one of a number of expert speakers at WORKTECH’s Unworking conference in London

Lessons from the BMW factory design that said all workers are equal

Two decades after Zaha Hadid unveiled her plans for BMW’s plant in Leipzig, which elevated the car production line over the heads of office workers, we’re still studying the message that it sent

Indoor air quality: experts call for standards to be enforced

Top scientists have published a research paper that proposes mandatory standards to control key indoor pollutants in public buildings and better systems for clean air

Worker wellbeing impacted by exposure to AI, robotics and wearables

New UK research paper highlights the negative impact of certain types of automation technology on quality of life for employees and asks the question: what does ‘good’ automation look like?

Boots on the ground as head office staff told to return five days a week

The mandate by British retailer Boots for its head office staff to return to the workplace full-time marks a general shift by large organisations away from the middle-ground of hybrid working