workplace strategy

How can I speak to more clients, when I can’t work any harder?

The rise of ‘e-presenteeism’ is accelerating the issue of burnout within employees, how can organisations and individuals set new boundaries for work?


Coworking closures: new hope for flexible space market after cull

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at a new report which explains how new coworking business models are emerging after large operators lost a fifth of all Northern American locations


Is it time for a mobile-first approach to building access?

As more organisations pivot to a mobile-first return to the office, will smart phone technology revolutionise building access and security? A new report by HID Global and WORKTECH Academy highlights the key challenges ahead

The great relearning: how corporates are bridging the gap

Learning and innovation were among the biggest workplace casualties during the pandemic, according to a new report. How can organisations rethink these activities in an increasingly complex workplace dynamic?

Healthy City Design

Creating healthier cities: share your ideas on new work practice

If you’ve got new workplace research, projects or ideas to share that can make our cities more sustainable and healthy, then the Healthy City Design International Congress wants to hear from you

Tokyo survey suggests signs of change in Japanese workplace

On the eve of the Tokyo Olympics, new research from Xymax suggests that some companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area are early movers in the race to reform their office functions

agile workspaces

Five ways agile workspaces can benefit future business strategies

From attracting talent to flexible space management, agile spaces have long been championed in workplace design. Condeco has highlighted five key reasons why agile spaces are the way forward beyond the pandemic

Urban vitality: the open spirit that drives economic growth

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at new research which seeks to explain why some cities have more urban vitality than others – it’s all about the interplay between entrepreneurs and their environment