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Digital integration for hybrid: what type of company are you?

A new report from Brivo presents a framework with four typologies which show companies at different stages on the journey to supporting hybrid work adoption with system integration

How the work environment supports our ability to remember

Memory is essential for knowledge work and depends on contextual clues to aid recall, according to new psychological research. Is this another reason to support a return to the office?

WORKTECH event series on future of work celebrates 20-year milestone

Launched at the British Library in 2003, the WORKTECH conference has reached more than 40 cities after two decades of inspiration and expansion

Water at work: is more blue space the answer to the blues?

We’ve all heard of green space but what about blue space? Research shows that environments with a water feature may be even better for you than traditional plant-based biophilic design

What’s on the cards for 2023? Top 20 trends explored

A surge in data analytics in a more scientific workplace is just one of 20 key ideas discussed in a new WORKTECH Academy report, The World of Work in 2023

Assigned desks are history but are compensations needed ?

Employees returning to the office in the hybrid era will be compelled to share a desk. Research suggests a lack of personalisation and ownership may contribute to a reluctance to return

Why building a hybrid culture is key to the future of work

What’s the biggest barrier facing large employers trying to make a hybrid working model stick? It’s the creation of a hybrid organisational culture according to a new paper from technology firm Poly

Dis-Location: how hybrid working leaves us all over the place

Companies risk losing their coherence as hybrid employees feel disrupted and confused. Reimaging the total workplace experience rather than just redesigning the office can be a way forward