talent attraction/retention

Why leadership and learning need to change in the new era

What are the top priorities for reinvention as hybrid working takes hold? A Lewis Silkin podcast featuring the co-authors of a new book, Unworking, explores the options

Cómo atraer y retener talentos en tiempos de incertidumbre

En esta nueva era de trabajo híbrido pos-COVID, uno de los desafíos más importantes que deben afrontar las organizaciones es cómo optimizar la experiencia de los empleados, el activo más importante, para mejorar la retención de sus mejores cuadros y estimular la captación de nuevos talentos.


Soft skills: creating space for mentorship in a hybrid workforce

What are the opportunities for learning and mentorship in a hybrid workplace? As remote and hybrid work becomes a more permanent fixture, leaders need to be more intentional about the social dynamic of their workforce

ABW Dress

Why the activity-based wardrobe is an extension of agile working

In the switch from suits to sneakers, a new wave of agile working is giving corporate employees freedom over their work apparel. Jeans and t-shirts are no longer reserved for quirky tech start-ups

El espacio como generador de identidad y cultura

El espacio de trabajo representa la materialización de los valores de la empresa.

Creating a culture of diversity

Designing for diversity: breeding a culture of inclusion

A culture of diversity and inclusivity not only needs to be represented in the workforce, but also in workplace design. Alison Webb, Lendlease’s head of workplace in Europe talks about elements of inclusivity in workplace design and its new development in East London

What do millennials really want?

What do millennials really want?

Is the global perception of millennials’ sense of entitlement fair? Condeco challenges this view and looks at how organisations can play to millennial strengths

Tips from the big tech players

Top tips from leading technology players on how to stay relevant

What does it take to remain competitive in a fast-paced technology-driven world? Condeco gathers some top tips from big players in the technology industry