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Will the Japanese workplace advance or retreat after Covid-19?

New practices introduced as a direct result of the pandemic could lead to a long-term shift in how Japanese companies flex towards new ways of working, according to a major report

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Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at a US competition to develop a Remote Work Hub, an Australian project for green light rail and the global rebirth of the Slow movement

The big question: which workers get to stay at home?

In our latest briefing, we talk to an expert in behavioural science about making decisions on who should continue to work remotely in a hybrid model - and we take in positive soundings from the South Korean office market

A hub-and-spoke model for post-Covid-19 flexible working?

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Road to recovery: digital living in the doughnut economy

Amid the pandemic, companies and individuals alike are embracing digital services as never before. Can a doughnut economy model support a more equitable recovery?

How the pandemic has given a boost to workplace automation

The ‘next normal’ in the workplace is set to accelerate company moves towards greater automation. Lara Roll gathers the evidence

Sydney talks the talk

What are they thinking? Inside the mind of business leaders today

Business leaders have more than the immediate coronavirus crisis to contend with - they're wrestling with wider workplace change. Condeco’s new report, The Modern Workplace, suggests some of their priorities

How people work: under-utilised space in offices everywhere

Companies globally must rethink how office space is utilised in the post-pandemic era. They may have more room to try out new solutions than they think, according to new research from MovePlan