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New dining experience: changing expectations in food at work

From single-use containers to contactless services, how will food services respond to changing consumer demands in the post-Covid 19 workplace? A new report from Aramark spells it out

Meal for one: how the pandemic has changed how we consume food

From a cohesive social experience to an individual activity, how has the pandemic changed our view on how and where we eat? And how can the industry respond?

Making flexibility work in the modern 2020 workplace

The lockdown has accelerated a general move to more flexible working, but how can companies combine flexible practices with their physical office environments? Condeco’s new report, The Modern Workplace, investigates

Why businesses can’t afford to get the great office return wrong

As companies contemplate reopening their offices in the wake of Covid-19, Condeco Software outlines what a return to work can look like for business with strategic planning and successful technology integration

On the edge of a crisis: Q1 Trend Report 2020

This Trend Report looks at a wide range of emerging ideas just at the point at which the global pandemic panics the global economy and disrupts our working model

Working without boundaries: can video bridge the communication gap?

As remote working becomes critical in the time of Covid-19, advanced video conferencing technology is set to make collaboration easier for the work-anywhere employee

Generation Z

Why video-first organisations will win over Generation Z talent

Organisations everywhere are now trying to attract the newest workplace entrants – but how can Gen Z’s different technology demands be met?

Gen Z’s digital demands: the ultimate challenge for workplace tech?

As the Generation Z cohort enters the workforce with different expectations of technology, how should employers best serve their needs?